​​Chemistry Done Right!

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemistry

This is a new technology.  The chemical can be utilized in many ways and we are continuously finding additional applications.  We have developed a derivative chemical to de-foul heat exchanges – called SKY 0019.  This sister chemical performs great in this application and we continue to discover ways to improve revenues for our oil & gas clientele. 

Asphalt and Paraffin Wax Dispersant.

SKY 0050 is hydrophobic / hydrophilic which means it dissolves napthenes and paraffin deposits that cause interstitial blockages in well casing perforations and geological formations.  As it mobilizes the waxes and asphaltene’s improving flow characteristics. It also separates the water and solids from the hydrocarbons.

Consequently, it:
a) Increases Oil Production and Improves Oil Recovery
b) Cleans storage tanks and transport facilities.
c) Debottlenecks pipes and equipment, and
d) Improves the flow characteristics of high asphalting / paraffin petroleum.